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Diamond Kote Generated Gallery

The homes listed in the Diamond Kote gallery are different popular combinations of LP Smartside that we've worked with. Please visit https://wausau.renoworks.com/ and create your own. 




Diamond Kote® pre-finish is an advanced paint technology, which uses the purest metal oxide colorants extracted from rocks. These natural pigments don't fade over time, keep your siding vibrant and protected from destructive UV rays, which causes other paints to fade quickly.




Under 40x magnification, there are significant differences between the Diamond Kote® pre-finish and other finishes. Other finishes are porous, resulting in a dull finish that traps dirt and moisture and can lead to premature failure.




Enjoy a durable scratch-resistant finish that withstands the test of time. Our formulated finish has been proven to surpass all standards including the test of adhesion. ASTM D3359-09, which determines the strength between the substrate and paint, states if 20% or less paint is removed – it passes the test. Diamond Kote® exceeds beyond the industry standard.


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