Felt: Synthetic & Organic

PRODUCT:  REX™ SynFelt Synthetic Roof Underlayment           

REX™ SynFelt is a high strength woven synthetic roof underlayment that can save you 50% in labor and time expense, compared to 30# felt. Here’s why:

    The most slip resistant underlayment in the industry
    20 times stronger than felt–won’t tear-off or buckle when wet
    10X lighter per square and 20X stronger than 30# felt
    10 squares per roll weighing only 28 lbs (250 ft roll)
    5 squares per roll weighing only 14 lbs (125 ft roll)
    UV resistant and can be exposed for up to 6 months
    Light gray color reduces heat and provides cooler working surface

Pre-printed nailing pattern speeds installation. The smartest builders and roofers in America use REX™ SynFelt.