Solar Power Vent 1250-SunRise Solar


    Solar-powered vent fan uses no electricity
    Expels hot air to provide cool and fresh air in your attic
    Collect and deliver power directly from the sun to a motor inside the vent
    Powerful enough to protect an entire home
    Ideal for normal sloped shingle roofs

Essential Info
The SunRise Solar FB1250 20 Watt Flat Base Solar Attic Fan is a unique, solar-powered vent fan that forcibly expels hot air, providing fresh and cool air to keep your attic from overheating. The tough, weather-resistant advanced solar panels collect energy even in reduced light and poor weather conditions, and it delivers power directly from the sun to a highly efficient 12-volt DC motor inside the power vent to provide maximum cooling effect when it's needed most: in the middle of the day. These solar attic fans are powerful enough to protect an entire home. The Flat Base model is ideal for normal sloped shingle roofs.

This product features a flat base mount, which is ideal for normal sloped shingle roofs. Curb base mounts and gable mount are also available, sold separately.

Energy Source: Solar Energy
CFM: 1250 CFM
Solar Panel Watts: 20 Watts
Overall Dimensions: 25-1/2"W x 21-1/4"D x 7"H
Flat Base: 24.5" x 24.5"
Solar Panel: Sunrise Solar Model 1250- 20-watt crystalline with tempered glass
Motor: 1-38volt DC with external brushes
Fan Blade: 12" diameter, 5-blade aluminum with balanced hub
Hardware: Stainless steel motor brackets, fasteners, and screen. Aluminum rivets
Top and Base: UV-Stabilized ABS plastic with acrylic cap (paintable)
Airflow: Moves up to 1250 CFM in full sunlight
Energy Star: Yes