Black Shingle Vent II

Shingle Vent II


Functional design and clean lines.

ShingleVent II ridge vent installs on the peak of the roof allowing exhaust ventilation all along the roofline -- end-to-end.

This product proves that outstanding beauty and performance can be combined. Design features include an external baffle and internal weather filter for optimum airflow and weather protection. Less than an inch in height, this molded, high-impact copolymer shingle-over ridge vent permits capping of the ridge with shingles like the rest of the roof.


  • Exceptional airflow. An external baffle creates low pressure over the vent openings to "pull" air from the attic. ShingleVent II provides 18 square inches of net free area per linear foot.
  • Advanced weather protection. The external baffle deflects wind and weather over the vent to help protect the attic from rain and snow infiltration.
  • Internal weather filter. Provides a more complete barrier to help protect the attic from wind-driven rain, snow, dust and insects.
  • Easy Installation. ShingleVent II has pre-printed slot guides for truss or ridge pole construction. Pre-drilled nailing holes are designed to assure proper nailing. The vent is pre-formed to a 4/12 pitch.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty and 5-year Replacement Plus™ Protection.

ShingleVent® II
ShingleVent II is a shingle-over ridge vent. The vent is installed across the ridge of the roof. The vent is 12" wide so that matching shingles can be installed over the vent, allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. Available in Black, Brown, Gray and Charcoal.